Launched in July, 2005 Falcon Feather is a handmade silver and bronze jewelry collection created by Bilyana Tosic Petino. 


Bilyana is the driving force behind this exciting limited edition collection that perfectly captures the mood of the moment by bringing a new dimension of freedom and self-expression to the world of handmade jewelry.



"My pieces are expressions of values that are fundamental to me such as gracefulness

and authenticity - which you really see with someone who is just being herself."








Her jewelry is never flashy nor flamboyant, reflecting her view that jewelry should not call attention to itself or overshadow the wearer. Jewelry should highlight those elemental qualities a woman considers most appealing and characteristic of herself. This is the true meaning of adornment.



“My jewelry is ideal for the kind of person who’s interested in a subtle effect . . .

For me, and the people attracted to my work, it’s really about seeing the woman,

through the piece that she is wearing"








Bilyana is the proud mom of Phillip and Claire. She lives and works with her husband and kids in Brooklyn, NY.